Biodiversity Survey Results

In 2010 90% of children had never heard of Biodiversity.

In 2011 10% of children had never heard of Biodiversity.

Class Mascot

All the classes picked a native animal, bird, insect or fish as a a class mascot for this project. The Green School Committee completed a “Habitat Map” of the school grounds.

December 2011

Green School Committee made a chart on “Birds Around Our School”.

There was a Christmas Tree Decoration Competition held for 3rd class children to make decorations using recyclable materials only.

January 2012

The whole school took part in the Green Code Competition. The winning code was chosen from Ms. Kelly’s class

St. Joseph’s is our name Biodiversity is our game

 Biodiversity 2011

The Green School Committee working on their project on Biodiversity

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February 2011 – The Greenschool Committee acquired a new compost bin for the school from Wicklow County Council. We made out a rota of classes per month to use the bin. We also made a list of organic waste that can be put in the bin.



In March 2011, the Greenschool Committee prepared a plot for the

school’s Wildflower Garden.



Some children from Senior Infants helped Richard plant a native alder tree.



The school purchased a rotary clothes line recently to save on energy bills.




Richard put up three more bird boxes in March, one with a camera. The activity in

the bird box can be viewed on television in the computer room.

There was great excitement in April as blue-tits could be seen carrying in

materials for their nest.



One of our two water butts which will help conserve water.


St. Joseph’s NS Wildflower Garden – June 2011





St. Joseph’s Vegetable Plot – June 2011