Ms. Brennan’s 6th class recently entered a competition called The PEXpo. Schools from all over the country took part in this, showcasing a unit of work that they undertook in PE this term. 6th class chose to base their project on 6 weeks of tennis lessons and had great fun all the way through. They learned about forehand strikes, backhands, serves, volleys and adding power to your shot. They played games such as No Man’s Land, Around the World and had mini doubles matches. After PE each Tuesday, they had to fill in a PE diary. On the day of the competition, they had a Zoom call with the judges. They were really friendly and the boys and girls couldn’t believe the detail the judges knew about their PE project. 6th class did an amazing job at explaining all about the fun and exciting things they had been doing in tennis. They talked about the games they played, the skills they learned and if they were continuing to play tennis at home. Anyone would have been so proud to hear them! Overall they did super well. They listened to everyone’s opinion, learned new skills and were able to have fun while still staying safe. Written by Pauric and Stephanie